Background of Student Course Evaluations

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Student Course Evaluations for Summer Semester 2017

The evaluation period for winter semester 2017/18 will take place from December 4 to 15, 2017. The evaluation forms are sent via email before the start of the evaluation weeks. Block classes, and classes that took place outside of the regular lecture period can be evaluated at another time.

Entries in Campus for winter semester 2017/18 are only possible till October 23, 2017. Entries for summer semester 2018 can be made while the planning semester is activated.

The evaluation settings can be changed in CAMPUS via the role "Lecturer".

For special inquiries, please ask one week before the respective evaluation.

It is possible for non-indepedent academic staff that teach to decline having an evaluation in the CAMPUS information system take place via the role "Teacher", if they do not wish to be evaluated under their own names. Log on with your TIM ID. The course evaluation then takes place under the name of the responsible professorship, who is assigned to the course. If no professorship has been assigned, the course will be set to "not to be evaluated." The evaluation settings, for example questionnaire type, questionnaire language, survey method, and entry of additional questions, can be changed in CAMPUS via the role "Lecturer" until two weeks after lectures have begun.

Common Questions About Student Course Evaluations

What is the legal foundation of the Student Course Evaluations?

The Higher Education Act establishes for the federal states in Section seven , that the work of universities in teaching should regularly be evaluated. Additionally, the evaluation results should be published.

Members of RWTH Aachen put forth effort to fufill their responsibilities at the highest level of quality and are required, in their services, to participate in the implementation of the quality evaluation process.

The student course evaluations are regulated in the Ordinance on the Implementation of Quality Evaluation Processes in Teaching and Learning at RWTH Aachen (de).

What are the student course evaluations?

  • Comprehensive, student survey in courses with at least five participatnts in the form of either paper questionnaires or an online survey
  • Evaluation of the quality of classes from the students' perspective
  • Implementation of the survey within an evaluation period of two weeks in the middle of the lecture period. Block classes and classes in the lecture-free period or simply varying from the regular lecture-period are not affected by this regulation.

What is the purpose of the student course evaluations?

  • Quality development and assurance in teaching and learning
  • Constant evaluation of teaching and learning methods, so that teachers get constructive feedback about praise, points of criticism, wishes, and frustrations from students about the classes
  • Confirmation of strengths and the detection of weaknesses in teaching
  • Promotion of dialogue between teachers and students
  • Increasing student satisfaction through optimizing teaching and learning
  • Important data base for quality management in academics and teaching, as well as the implementation of the strategy Students in Focus

What aspects are evaluated through the questionnaire?

  • Class structure
  • Use of media
  • Grading the class
  • Instructor's communication and behavior
  • Didactic components
  • Grading the instructor
  • General set-up
  • Open field for comments
  • Statistical data
  • Model questionnaire

How have the student course evaluations at RWTH Aachen developed?

  • Commitment to systematize the student course evaluations in all subjects through the academic reofrm target agreement (2001)
  • Rectorate exam meeting decision for comprehensive student course evaluations (2001)
  • Founding of the university comprehensive work group "Course Evaluation" (LVB) to create the questionnaires (2002)
  • Pilot project (2003) Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences
  • Introductory phase for classes in foundational studies
  • Continued expansion to comprehensive survey in foundational and core academic classes by expanding the group of participants (since 2005)
  • Changeover of the survey platform (2006)
  • Commitment to discussing and publicizing results (2007)
  • Target Agreement III complete reworking of all questionnaires with work groups from the Rectorate Committee for Quality Management in Teaching (2008)
  • Core component of quality management in teaching and learning, within the Students in Focus strategy (2009)

On what scale are the student course evaluations at RWTH Aachen conducted?

You can find information on this in Student Course Evaluation Statistics (de).

Whom can I contact if I have questions about the student course evaluations?

You can contact Larissa Franke if you have questions about the student course evaluations.