Student Course Evaluation Process

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1. Input of Classes to Be Evaluated into Campus

All RWTH Aachen teachers participate in the student course evaluations for each class each semester, as long as there are at least ten students in the class.

Entries can be made by all teachers, who can register in Campus under the roll "Dozent". if you do not have a Dozenten log in, then contact the person responsible for the account. The deadlines for entries in Campus can be found on the page Student Course Evaluations. Independent teachers will be informed of the current deadlines before the start of the semester.

You can choose between a paper or online evaluation in Campus. Please make sure that you assign the corrent questionnaire to your class. You can check the sample questionnaire to orient yourself. If you would like to enter addtional questions, you should answer "Ja" to the question "Zusatzfragen erwŁnscht?“ You can find more information about this in the Handbook for Campus Entries. When classes are carried over in Campus during the next semester, the settings under "Meine Lehrevaluation" are also simultaneously carried over. Please note that entries for the student course evaluation for the current semester can only be made if the the class was confirmed.

Supplement for Non-Independent Academic Teaching Staff

Non-independent academic teaching staff have the choice to participate in the student course evaluations under the name of the responsible professor during the process. If you do not wish to be evaluated under your own name, please send an stating this. These changes will be automatically be taken into consideration the next semester as long as you contact the person responsible for the account and the Campus entries, so that the setting under "Meine Lehrevaluation" in Campus can be changed.

2. Information Sent to Deans of Studies

One week before the start of lectures, the data, that is the address, title, first name, last name, course title, course number, institute number, and evaluation states, are exported under "Meine Lehrevaluation" to the current semester. The respective dean of studies will receive the data for information after the first export.

3. Import of Teacher and Course Data in EvaSys

The second export of data takes place two weeks after lectures have started. Entries in Campus are closed for the current semester after the the second export, and the data is imported into EvaSys. After this cutoff date, data in Campus can only be reviewed and not changed.

4. Questionnaires Sent

Individual teachers receive a personalized questionnaire as a PDF file, based on the data in Campus, automatically via email. For the online evaluation, they receive the transaction numbers or the individual evaluation field, if they entered yes for additional questions in Campus, for the courses in the respective semester.

Please enter additional questions in accordance with the procedure outline, which is sent with the individual evaluation field. The standar questionnaire cannot be changed. Questions can only be added. After the individual evalution field has been filled out, the personalized questionnaire form will be sent to teachers as a PDF via email. The link to the individual evaluation field can only be used once.

For the online evaluation, you can choose between two possibilities, either cutting out the TANs and handing them out during the respective class or having them directly sent to students via email. You can choose the option to have the TANs sent in CAMPUS under "Meine Lehrevaluation". Transaction numbers will automatically be sent to students through the EvaSys for classes with a registration process. If a course does not have a registration process, you can send the TANs to students by sending an with a text file with all the email addresses listed one under the other. More information can be found in the Handbook for Exporting Email Addresses from Campus.

5. Evaluation by Students

For the paper based survey, the filled out questionnaires are collected by a teacher or student and sent in a sealed envelope via inter-office mail to the RWTH Aachen Switchboard to be scanned. Please note the name of the teacher on the envelope. The questionnaires will be destroyed in accordance with data protection regulations at the start of the next semester.

If you decide in CAMPUS to have the TANs for the online evaluation automatically sent to students, they will receive a link via email enabling them to participate in the course evaluations, on the desired send date, perferably during the evaluation period. If you do not choose in CAMPUS to have the TANs automatically sent, you will receive a TAN list for entered send date.

After the questionnaires or transaction numbers have been sent to teachers, they are distributed in the classes during the evaluation period and filled out by students.

6. Evaluations Sent to Teachers

For paper based survey, teachers receive an email with the evaluations as PDF files after the questionnaires have been scanned.

For the online evaluation, the evaluation report is sent after the survey has closed. The online evaluation usually closes at the end of the lectures, that is after the individually entered end date in Campus.

7. Publication of Evaluation Report

The deans of studies possess read access in EvaSys for the individual evaluations including the open commend field of teachers in the respective faculty. The deans of studies have the possibility to view these in EvaSys immediately after the evaluations have been sent to teachers.

Furthermore, the deans of studies always have the possibility to view individual evaluations, comprehensive evaluations, and statistics for the current and past semesters in SharePoint.

The evaluation reports are made available, excluding the open comment field, to students in the student portal starting October 1, 2010. Students in courses of study with modular registration processes will receive access for all evaluations to the classes they had in the last three semesters. Students in courses of study without a modular registration process receive access to all evaluations without the open comment field from courses in the course of study for which they are enrolled, from the last three semesters. Student representative councils, whose students were in courses according to the course of study layout, simulatenously receive access to the individual evaluation reports without the open comment field through the student portal.

When accessing the evaluation reports in the student portal, students must confirm that they will use results confidentially.

8. Comprehensive Evaluations

The comprehensive evaluations are published at the end of the semester on the page Student Course Evaluations. This contains the summary of all the evaluation results for teachers per type of class in a faculty or department.