Module and Examination Survey

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Why have a module and examination survey?

The online survey on modules and module examinations, made with EvaSys, aims to ensure the quality goals "assurance of study-feasibility" and "skill-oriented education."

The module and examination survey was developed in an inter-faculty working group with students, academic staff, and professors.

What's the survey's content?

Module-Related Content

  • Organization of modules, coordination of individual module elements
  • Attainment of learning objectives, deep understanding of acquired knowledge
  • Workload
  • Satisfaction

Exam-Related Content

  • Clarity of examination requirements, examination organization
  • Examination preparation
  • Clarity of problems and exercises, exam appropriateness

Who can participate in the survey?

If an exam date has been entered in the examination system, exam takers and students, who withdrew from the exam at the last minute – illness, absence, failure to complete exam – will be invited via email to take the module and examination survey one day after the module examination.

Surveys about the modules and the module examinations without an exam date in the examination system will be held at the end of the examination period of the respective semester.

A module and examination survey is open for two weeks once the invitation is sent.

What will happen with the results?

The survey evaluations will be sent to the student representative councils for the courses of study involved in the module examination, the person responsible for the module, and the dean of studies.

Pilot Phase Till 2018

The introduction of the module and examination survey begins with a pilot phase, in which the questionnaire and system are tested.

During this phase students in selected courses of study will be surveyed.

At the end of pilot phase in 2018 with the transition to RWTHonline, all of the modules offered at RWTH Aachen and their examinations will be successively added to the survey.