Student Course Evaluations

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Since 2004, student course evaluations have helped to consistently review the quality of teaching at RWTH Aachen.



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Summer Semester 2018

The evaluation period in summer semester 2018 will take place from June 11 to 22, 2018.

Entries in CAMPUS for summer semester 2018 can be be made till April 23, 2018. Entries for winter semster 2018/19 can be made when the planning semester is activated.

Instrument for the Improvement of Teaching

Through the target agreement to reform academic studies, the university was obligated to systematize the student course evaluations in all subjects.

Student course evaluations are a practical instrument that can contribute to the improvement of teaching for the short run and offer a data base for quality management in teaching and learning. The student survey on the quality of their classes has become an integral component of teaching and learning.

Quality Development and Assurance in Teaching and Learning

The Vice-Rector for Teaching invites all individuals involved in teaching to be involved in the student course evaluations and thus make an active contribution to quality development and assurance in teaching and learning at RWTH Aachen. This also results in bringing the teaching from the future strategy Students in Focus from the Excellent Teaching Competition to the forefront.