Teaching Award

2016 teaching prize award winners Andreas Schmitter

During the RWTHtransparent event, the Virtual Sketching project received the Project Award for outstanding achievement in teaching and learning. Dr. Viktoria Arling received the 2016 Teaching Award.



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Honoring Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Since 2001, RWTH Aachen has been awarding Teaching Awards in order to recognize outstanding performance in teaching and learning at the University. In the past, three instructors were annually selected to receive the award, sharing the prize money of 18,000 euros. Starting in 2016, the structure of the award was changed, so that there are now two categories, the "Instructor of the Year" and the "Project of the Year." The project award is worth 12,000 euros, the instructor award 6,000 euros. The prize money is to be used in teaching and research, whereby at least two thirds of the amoung should be dedicated to teaching and learning.

Support of the Learning Process and Superior Involvement

In accordance with RWTH Aachen's Excellent Teaching Institutional Strategy, which aims at improving basic teaching at RWTH Aachen, teachers and projects should be promoted who particularly commit themselves to outstanding, innovative teaching. Outstanding teaching strategies, the support for students, or superior commitment to teaching are at the focus.

Nominations for 2017

The Rector's Office looks forward to numerous nominations. Deadline for nominations is July 28, 2017.

Lehrpreis 2016

After a review of the nominations and intense deliberation, the Commission for Quality Management in Teaching has recommended the below named members of RWTH Aachen for the 2016 Teaching Award. The Rector’s Office has approved the nominations. The award in the category "Projects" was presented during the RWTHtransparent event on January 27, 2017. The award in the category "Lecturer" will be presented during the event "Talk Lehre" on June 21, 2017.

Teacher Award

The Teacher Award was presented to Dr. Viktoria Arling from the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. In 2015, Dr. Arling already recived the faculty's teaching award and was appointed RWTH Lecturer, a title awarded for outstanding teaching and research. Dr. Arling uses blended teaching approaches, supports students in developing transferable skills, and collaborates with external institutions in order to introduce students to applied research practices. She places great emphasis on teaching content with a view to later professional practice.

Project Award

The Project Award was presented to a team of researchers collaborating on the Virtual Sketching project, developed by Professor Thomas H. Schmitz from the Chair of Visual Arts at the Department of Architecture; scenographist Hannah Groninger; and Professor Torsten Kuhlen and computer scientist Dominik Rausch from the Virtual Reality Group.

The project follows an innovative approach to teaching in that it facilitates the design of three-dimensional objects with the help of virtual reality. Within an immersive virtual reality environment, the aixCave, students have the opportunity to investigate designed objects in real-life size. By successfully integrating several research questions into teaching practice, the project makes it possible for students to explore a complex medium with scientific methods.