Tinker-HP: a Massively Parallel Molecular Dynamics Package for Multiscale Simulations of Large Complex Systems with Advanced Point Dipole Polarizable Force Fields

Cambridge / Royal Society of Chemistry (2017, 2018) [Journal Article]

Chemical Science
Volume: 9
Issue: 4
Page(s): 956-972


Selected Authors

Lagardčre, Louis
Jolly, Luc-Henri
Lipparini, Filippo
Aviat, Félix
Stamm, Benjamin

Other Authors

Jing, Zhifeng F.
Harger, Matthew
Torabifard, Hedieh
Cisneros, Andrés G.
Schnieders, Michael J.
Gresh, Nohad
Maday, Yvon
Ren, Pengyu Y.
Ponder, Jay W.
Piquemal, Jean-Philip