PuL & RWTH Aachen-Wiki



The project named "Reorganization of the Processes Surrounding Examination and Course Management Including the Introduction of an Integrated Software Solution" - PuL for short aims at reaching an improvement of the concerned processes, including the introduction of respective IT support. For this reason, all faculties, students, and invovled administrative areas were brought together for discussion, in order to actively contribute to the reorganization of individual necessary processes as well as the development of suitable software.

The project is based in the Department of Academic Affairs and Registar's Office and is coordinated from there.


The internal RWTH Aachen Wiki is an information platform for RWTH employees and students to organize studies and teaching that is currently being developed. It was started in the summer 2013. The wiki offers RWTH-specific information about the most important legal regulations, internal guidelines, and work processes surrounding exam, course, and student management.

The content is edited by different work groups and orginate, in part, within the framework of the PuL-Project.