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The teacher training program has been switched to the Bachelor/Master format since winter semester 2011/12. Master's studies can be started since winter semester 2014/15. RWTH Aachen offers courses of study in mathematics for teacher training at gymnasien and gesamtschulen as well as at vocational schools.

The Bachelor - Mathematics Teacher Training Program

The course of study layout for the teacher training Bachelor course of study in mathematics at gymnasien and gesamtschule is identical to that for teacher training at vocational schools.

All of the modules listed here are mandatory. The recommended order can be deviated from, but it does not make sense to change the order of the basic lectures that build upon each other. Additionally, the exam regulation requires some modules be completed before others, which you must take into consideration when planning your schedule. Please refer to the module handbook for details on how modules are related and must be taken. The module handbook can be found as an attachment to the subject specific examinatino regulation or in the module descriptions in the CAMPUS system. Another attachement to the exam regultion are the curricula. The examination regulation can be downloaded from this page.

The Bachelor thesis is composed during a student's studies. If you wish to write your final paper in mathematics, you must have achieved a total of 90 credit points (50 of which in mathematics) in your studies, in accordance with the framework examination regulation, before you can choose a topic. This usually means, that you can start thinking about your final paper after the fourth core semester.

The teacher training program at RWTH Aachen has a strong scientific component and in this way, differs from programs at other universities.

Combination Subjects

Numerous combinations with other subjects are principally possible. However, we cannot guarantee that courses will not overlap with each other in all combinations. The combination subjects computer science, physics, chemistry and (only for the vocational school) economics, are recommended. We ensure that these subjects do not overlap with other course times. They also reflect the profile of the course of study.



Prof. Gohar Flad-Harutyunyan

Departmental Advisor for the Mathematics Teacher Training Program (Bachelor, Master)


+49 241 80 93970



Departmental Advising

If you have questions, please contact the departmental advisor for the Bachelor teacher training program in mathematics.


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