Successful applications to the BMBF program "Mathematik für Innovationen in Industrie und Dienstleistunge


The Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung has advertised the subsidy program "Mathematik für Innovationen in Industrie und Dienstleistungen". Fortunately the applications of Mr. Professor Herty, Mr. Professor Koster and Mr. Professor Sander of the department of mathematics have been successful.

The funded project of Mr. Herty will focus on mathematical modeling and optimization of complex production processes. (Contact:

The project of Mr. Koster will deal with modern methods of mathematical optimization, especially methods of robust optimization, devoted to the solution of actual problems concerning information and communication networks. (Contact:

Mr. Sander will consider mechanical simulation and form optimization of implantats of knees in his project. (Contact:

Further informations concerning the advertisement of the subsidy program you can find here.