Girls' Day on April 23, 2015


As part of this year’s Girls Day activities the Department of Mathematics will host two workshops:

For the age group from 10 to 12 the “Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Didaktik der Mathematik” offers the workshop "The Third Dimension". The focus of this workshop is on testing and improving the ability of spatial recognition. For this purpose various tools for the production and examination of three-dimensional objects are available. Mathematical discoveries will be made "along the way". Welcome to the third dimension!

Students from 8th grade onwards can examine the operation of a solar power plant utilizing mirrors in a workshop organized by the Education Lab CAMMP. First, it is elaborated how such a solar power plant is constructed and how energy can actually be generated using solar radiation. Then it will be investigated, how mathematics and computer simulations can help to optimize the set up the mirror in the power plant to gain as much energy as possible.

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