Inverse correlation between vascular endothelial growth factor back-filtration and capillary filtration pressures

Kuppe, Christoph; Rohlfs, Wilko; Grepl, Martin A.; Schulte, Kevin; Veron, Delma; Elger, Marlies; Sanden, Silja Kerstin; Saritas, Turgay; Andrae, Johanna; Betsholtz, Christer; Trautwein, Christian; Hausmann, Ralf; Quaggin, Susan; Bachmann, Sebastian; Kriz, Wilhelm; Tufro, Alda; Floege, Jürgen; Moeller, Marcus J. (Corresponding author)

Journal Article

In: Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation
Volume: 33
Issue: 9
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 1514-1525


  • Department of Mathematics [110000]
  • Optimization with Partial Differential Equations Teaching and Research Area [112620]
  • [531030-2]