Explanation of Filter Types

Final Thesis (Diplom/Magister/Master/State Examination) Published, scientific or academic works, that were written to complete a university degree
Essay in Professional Journal An article in a professional journal. Published contributions for special issues are also in this category.
Book Publication = book (editorship ) + book (authored)
Book (Editorship) Editorship of a book or a booklet for a journal
Authored Book A completely authored (not published!) mongraph, that was published independently or in a series
Dissertation Academic work to obtain a doctoral degree
Festschrift A festschrift is a publication for a celebration, usually a collection of essays dedicated to a scholar
Habilitation Thesis A submitted and written academic work for the acquistion of teaching qualifications, usually a professorship, at RWTH Aachen
InBook Publications that were published as part of a book
InProceedings Publications that appeared as a contribution within conference publications (proceedings, etc.)
Journal Editorship of complete journals (no essays!)
Patent Patents here are final. If the object is a published patent application, a corresponding note will be made in the footnote.
Proceedings Publication of complete conference proceedings
Report A report, published independently and not part of a collection
Research Paper Research report, research paper, published independently and not part of a collection
Review Reviews that were completed by the author given. Collections of reviews contain a corrensponding note in the footnote.
Talk/Presentation/Lecture Talks and lectures, that have not been published in conference proceedings or similar publications, but rather independently, such as online.