Student Council 7.2 - Teacher Training


Why is there yet another student council?

We represent the interests of all teacher training students at RWTH Aachen, and thus are also responsible for your subjects. It is important to us that all students feel at home in both their subject and in the teacher training course of study: thus, it is our goal to improve the perception and support of teacher training students in the individual faculties.

How can we help you?

If there are questions or problems that directly relate to your subjects, then directly contact Student Representative Council I/1, which is extremely capable and helpful. Furhtermore, we also offer support regarding education or pedagogical studies, teacher training studies, and topics specific to teacher training such as internships, traineeship and student teaching, etc.

What do we do?

We represent the interests of teacher training students in the faculty and university councils and try to be taken into consideration, even as a small part of a technical university. This is often not very easy and thus we rely on your feedback: What should we improve? What topics should we continue to pursue?

During the first semester period we closely work together with the student representative councils in Faculty 1, in order to ensure comprehensive and optimal mentoring for first year students. It is important to us here as well that you see yourself as part of all the teacher training students at RWTH Aachen.

During your entire time at the university we will provide you with information about parties, teaching training-specific presentations, and additional interesting events.

How can you reach us?

For greater concerns or questions, you can drop by our weekly meetings, Mondays at 7pm. Do you want to work with us and get involved? Then contact us or just come on by!