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FAQs Mentoring

Mentoring - what's it all about?

Mentoring is an additional service offering next to the "Fachstudienberatung". Since all our mentors are mathematicians themselves, they are familiar with the situation you might be in and the struggles you may face. Based on their experience, they can provide a perspective for your personal situation. They are your go-to contacts for all questions related to your studies of mathematics at the RWTH.

Who can use the Mentoring program?

All students of mathematics can use the Mentoring program. Anybody seeking advice or a neutral opinion is welcome to take advantage of the opportunity of individual study related counselling. Students of "Mathematics for Teachers" can also part-take in the specific Mentoring program for teachers.

What it isn't

  • It is no psychotherapy or mental counselling
  • It is no tutoring on specific courses or topics
  • It is no representation of the "Fachstudienberatung", meaning no questions regarding exam formalities can be answered

What should I bring/prepare for a meeting with a mentor?

There is no material or preparation necessary.

How long does a Mentoring session take?

This fully depends on the questions you bring. Some things might be addressed and answered within a couple of minutes. Other topics might take significantly longer than that. In any case, our Mentors will take the time which is needed to properly address the issue at hand. Naturally, follow-up sessions can be arranged.

What phase of my studies is the Mentoring program targeting

The Mentoring program supports you during your complete studies, meaning that you can contact our Mentors from your first day until you complete your studies.