Mentoring Program


for the Bachelor curriculum in mathematics

By the summer term of 2007, the mathematics department has installed a mentoring programme for its Bachelor students. Main objective of this programme is to offer specific and intensified counselling opportunities for lower semester students. In addition to the counselling on class subject matters offered by the fachgruppe, the mentor stands ready to answer questions regarding generally questions typically connecting to starting in the Bachelor curriculum, starting at a new university and clarifying other uncertainties that may arise.

The mentoring programme is also designed for later semester students. From creating feasible timetables and class schedules, planning exams to personal challenges and difficulties - the mentor will try to find the best solutions for each student that seeks support. If required, the mentor will point out counselling opportunities beyond the RWTH's scope as well.

Typical questions raised in the mentoring programme encompass:

  • Am I the only one struggling in class?
  • School was so easy, why is it so hard to gain traction at university?
  • How many exams should I sit during each semester? How can I pass more exams next semester?
  • How should I set up my timetable for next semester?
  • Is studying mathematics the right thing for me personally?
  • How can I better cope with the stress of exams?

All interactions with the mentor are voluntary and of course kept confidential. There will be no information passed on to professors, examiners, tutors or any other university staff that has influence on students' grades.

All students are welcome to seize the opportunity of speaking to the mentor.


Office Hours

You can make an appointment with us at any time. Please write a short email to