University for School Children

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Are math, computer science, the natural sciences, or engineering fun for you? Are you thinking about whether you should study but don't know what it would be like to study one of these things? Then participate in our free RWTH Aachen University for School Children!  Here you have the possibility to spend a week of summer break doing experiments and exercises, listening to lectures, or going on excursions, all to get a glance at what studying one of these various subjects is like.


Target Groups, Participation Requirements

  • the 10th grade must have been successfully finished

Brief Description

Many things in everyday life would not exist or function without mathematics. Although it is hard to believe, mathematic applications are hidden behind many trusted products and services. Well-lnown examples include internet search engines, timetabls, CDs, MP3 players, encryption processes, medicine, computer tomography, insurance, etc. Mathematics is a key technology, without which most modern applications would not even be conceivable. Mathematics plays a fundamental role in industrial research and development, finance, medicine, and economics. Mathematics is crucial when models and simulations replace consuming and costly test series, when predictions must be made, and is crucial to process analyses and optimization. In addition to its application relevance and its usefulness, mathematics can be fun and exciting.