University Studies before the Abitur


Since Winter Semester 2002/2003, RWTH Aachen has offered students in the upper levels of secondary schools the possibility to attend courses in math, physics, and chemistry, and afterwards receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is equal to the credit enrolled students would receive for their work.

RWTH Aachen views the courses as school courses. However, only the school administration, through consultation with RWTH departments, which students will be excused to take the university courses. Students, who are still minors, need their parents' permission. Resulting expenses (transportation, course materials) can be partly covered by the Vereinigte Industrieverbände for the Aachen/Dürenab city region.

Students interested in math can attend the following courses:

  • Analysis
  • Linear Algebra

More information about each of the courses, i.e. content, location, time, can be found in the RWTH Course Guide (Vorlesungsverzeichnis der RWTH) or the Student Advice Center Brochure starting in September for Winter Semester courses and April for Summer Semester courses.


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