Basic Information About the training camp


Which problems, and why?

Only some of the problems are required curriculum in all of the federal states (particularly NRW). However, they are sufficiently close to school material.

Goals of the training camp include:

  • Confident handling of material and techniques from the secondary level I (without the use of calculators): The rule of three and percentage calculation, for example, are not the essence of mathematics. However one can hardly study mathematics, if one needs hours for such problems. Another example: Umformungen of all kinds are not senseless busy work, but a basic tool for inner and outer mathematical argumentation.
  • Knowledge of important functions and their crucial characteristics; knowledge and implementation of all important inference rules: Important functions aside from the exponential function, include sine and cosine, which are necessary the modeling and description of numerous phenomena in nature.
  • Confident work with calculus (without a calculator) for determining derivatives is an important prerequisite for more extensive understanding throughout one's studies.
  • You may not know all the rules and functions from school lessons and will have to obtain additional information that we offer you. If this is the case, you are practicing a characteristic, mathematical ability, namely the handling of new prefixed objects and rules. More extensive "substantial" understanding is not necessary for this.

The “Training Camp” is composed of problems, which you can interactively work on. The training problems are determined by a random generator within a predetermined exisiting problem group. Answer possibilities are provided (multiple choise), and in some parts, text or numbers must be filled in the black. This way direct feedback to you is possible and you can assess your own knowledge and abilities. You can work on these practice problems as often and as long as you wish.

On this website, there is brief information on all the types of problems, as well as somewhat more comprehensive learning and practice unites. If you wish to know more, we have listed a few suitable books and webpages for you under Information and Preparation Services.

Is that really math?

Yes and no: Everything we require in the training camp regarding knowledge and ability is practical and useful as a foundation and tool box. This goes not only for studies in mathematics, but also for studies in the natural sciences or engineering.
If you wish to see a few more questions more mathematics oriented and more difficult problems, you can find these on our website as well. Simply go to our learning portal Ilias and click NC-Sonderaufgaben. We do not claim however, to provide a complete overview of mathematics, but rather provide a certain glace at the method of thinking and the diversity of mathematic problems.