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Math Training Camp

Here (de) you can read how registration and log in for the training camp works.

Furthermore, if you are having difficulties working out the problems, we recommend using relevant literature on bridge courses to mathematics. The following books serve as a selection from the diverse materials available:

  • Cramer, E., Neslehova, J. (2012) Vorkurs Mathematik - Arbeitsbuch zum Studienbeginn in Bachelor-Studiengängen. 5. Aufl., Springer, Berlin.
  • Kemnitz, A. (2011) Mathematik zum Studienbeginn. 10. Aufl., Teubner, Wiesbaden.
  • Schäfer, W., Georgi, K., Trippler, G, Otto, Ch. (2006) Mathematik-Vorkurs: Übungs- und Arbeitsbuch für Studienanfänger. 6. Aufl., Vieweg+Teubner, Stuttgart.

We also offer online material for specific topics. You can use these free of charge on our learning platform ILIAS.

Tips with information on registration and the use of the learning platform are available to download here (de).

Informational Broschures

Informational Broschure (pdf / de)

Flyer "Mathematik studieren an der RWTH-Aachen" (pdf / de)

Mathematics? Is it for me?

We would like to help you with your decision to study mathematics. For this purpose, we have gathered a few more problems that provide you with a look at the method of thinking in mathematics. Such problems will not be on the NC test, but you can test, whether you are interested in such problems are can develop interest in them.

More information about mathematics, prospects, and opportunities with studies in mathematics can be found, for example, on the websites