Teacher Training in Mathematics (Bachelor)


What are Teacher Training studies for Mathematics like?



Gohar Flad-Harutyunyan

Departmental Advisor for Teacher Training in Mathematics (Bachelor, Master)


+49 241 80 93970



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Structure of Studies

  • The Teacher Training courses of study have been restructured to fit the Bachelor/Master system since WS 2011/12. New students cannot enroll in the Staatsexamen courses of study that are being phased out.
  • Teacher training courses of study are available for teacher training at Gymnasien/Gesamtschulen and for teacher training at Vocational Schools.
  • The Bachelor Teacher Training Course of Study in Mathematics (6 semesters) at RWTH Aachen is very subject-oriented, compared to other schools, and offers realistic options, in combination with the selection of a second subject, for career paths outside of education or for non-teacher training Master courses of study.
  • The Master Teacher Training Course of Study in Mathematics (4 semesters) are strongly focused on schools as a workplace

Combination Possibilities

  • Teacher training studies equally ecompass two instructional subjects and pedagogical studies.
  • Legally, mathematics as an instructional language can be combined with almost all other subjects. However, from a disciplinary point of view, there are combinations that we particularly recommend. These are combinations with the subjects chemistry, computer science, physics and (for Teacher Training at a vocational school) economics.
  • Overlapping: We cannot garuantee that classes will not overlap for all roughly 20 combination possibilities. However, we do make sure that classes do not overlap for the recommended subject combinations, that is chemistry, computer science, physics, and economics), so that courses can be completed within the typical length of study. Departmental advisors should be contacted in the event of other combination subjects in order to find individual solutions.

Brief Overview of Program Content

  • The first phase of Bachelor studies is primarily focused on education within the subject. Courses with a focus on pedagogy will first gain importance near the end of Bachelor studies. RWTH Aachen teacher training studies are characterized by their broad subject foundation including applied mathematics, such as stochastics and numerics, which are completed with students from other courses of study, primarily the Mathematics B.Sc.. Aachen teacher training studies are also characterized by their focus on independent presentations given by students during seminars.
  • The first academic year of Master's studies, with a regular start during the winter semester, is primarily focuses on the preparation and implementation of the practice semester. During the second year, students must complete courses in the actual subject: There is a special lecture and tutorial "Applied Statistics" as well as an elective for teacher training students.