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At the end of your stay in Aachen, please fill out the Transcript of Records.
Make an appointment with your supervisor (Prof. Hiß/Noelle/Steland/Zerz) so that they can check its correctness. After the form is signed and sealed, send a copy to the RWTH International Office and hand in the form at your home university.


Current Information

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About the ERASMUS Program

When to go abroad?

The first two semesters of the Master course of study are an ideal time. The fifth semester for Bachelor students is recommended. Teacher training students (Staatsexamen) must have finished their Zwischenprüfung before going abroad.

Stays in England

The demand for placements in England is much greater than the spots available! Stays in London and Nottingham are only possible for a full academic year (September-June).

Selection Criteria

If more applications are submitted for the same study placement, a selection must be made.

The following criteria are used (weighted differently):

  1. Motivation (early notification, well informed about desired
    university and city, interest in the country)
  2. Language Skills (ideally from grade school and beyond,
    e.g. further courses or stays abroad)
  3. Progress in studies is at least average
    (e.g. appropriate credit status, no impending third attempts)
  4. If a decision cannot be made using points 1-3,
    higher semesters will be given priority.
  5. Average grade


Eva Zerz © Peter Winandy

Eva Zerz

Delegate for Mathematics ERASMUS Program


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