Exam Regulations & Formalities



Examination Regulation

Here you can find the current exam regulation:

Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 10.08.2021 (pdf)

Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 07.09.2016 (pdf)
1. Änderungsordnung vom 13.11.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 07.09.2016 (pdf)
2. Änderungsordnung vom 03.04.2018 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 07.09.2016 (pdf)

Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 17.06.2016 (pdf)
1. Änderungsordnung vom 22.03.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 17.06.2016 (pdf)
2. Änderungsordnung vom 13.11.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 17.06.2016 (pdf)
3. Änderungsordnung vom 03.04.2018 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 17.06.2016 (pdf)

Module Manual

Here you can find the module manual:

Modulhandbuch Mathematik (Bachelor, Fassung vom 02.10.2023) (pdf)

Changes to the Modules in the Module Catalogue of the Current Exam Regulation

Effective Nov 25, 2014

Elective Modules

Stochastische Analysis
New module (V4, Ü2, 9 CP) by Professor Maria Westdickenberg.

Joint Elective Modules (Bachelor and Master)


Grundlagen der Versicherungsmathematik
(V4, Ü2) will be taught by Professor Kamps and spread out over two semesters (SS14 and WS 14/15) (each V2,Ü1), with the exam in WS14/15. The number of credit points (9 CP) will not change.

The module Algebraische Zahlentheorie (V4, Ü2, 9 CP) will have a different format starting in SS 14. Two modules, Algebraische Zahlentheorie I (V2, Ü1, 5 CP) and Algebraische Zahlentheorie II (V2, Ü1, 5 CP), will be offered. Each module will have its own exam.



Seminar: Matrix-Analysis (B)
New Modul (S2, 3 CP) by Professor Rauhut.

Volkswirtschaftslehre Application Subject

Modul Mikroökonomie II (VWL D)

New "Püfungsleistung":

Erfolgreiche Teilnahme an einer Klausur (60-75 Minuten); Gewichtung: 100%;
Darüber hinaus kann eine Verbesserung der Klausurnote durch eine themenbezogene Präsentation in der Übung erreicht werden. Unter der Voraussetzung, dass die Klausur mit einer Note von 4,0 oder besser bewertet wird, kann die Klausurnote maximal um eine Notenstufe (also z.B. von 3,7 auf 3,3) verbessert werden.

Computer Science Application Subject

Until now, Einführung in die Technische Informatik with 4 CP (V2, Ü2) was a mandatory module. Starting in WS 14/15 students will be able to choose between:

Einführung in die Technische Informatik with 4 CP (V2, Ü2)
Einführung in Computational Differentiation with 4 CP (V3,Ü1, new module)

Students must pass one of the two modules.

Biology Application Subject

(This subject is subject to approval / not contained in the exam regulation module catalogue)

Changes Effective WS 2014/15 Regarding Mandatory Practicals

Situation Till Now:
Part 1: Animal Physiology in the Summer Semester
Part 2: Genetics and Microbiology in the Summer Semester

Instead of taking Part 1: Animal Physiology in the summer semester, students can choose to take Part 1: Plant Physiology instead during the winter semester. Important: Part 1 is offered both winter and summer semester with different content!
However, there is a new prerequisite: Students can only take the practicals if the related lectures Introduction to Biology for Computer Scientists and Mathematicians I+II have been successfully completed. This means the practicals can be completed during the third semester at the earliest.


There are different names for the same module in the elective neurobiology component of the biology application subject of the Bachelor. The following are mandatory courses:

Neurobiologie (V2, 3 ECTS): In the SS this course is also titled Neurobiologie für Psychologen, in WS it is called Biologische Informationsverarbeitung/Neurobiologie .

Seminar Neurobiologie (V2, 3 ECTS) takes place SS and is also called Seminar Systemneurobiologie.

Blockpraktikum Neurobiologie (P8, 9 ECTS) takes place WS and is also called  Blockpraktikum : Biologische Informationsverarbeitung/Neurobiologie



Please make note of the following deadlines:

  1. The Master’s course of study does not have restricted admission. However there are deadlines!

    In order to switch into the Master’s course of study in the summer semester you must have applied by January 15 through the Registrar’s Office webpage.

    In order to switch into the Master’s course of study in the winter semester you must apply by July 15 through this page from the Registrar’s Office.
  2. The modular registration process for modules in mathematics closes on November 15 in the winter semester. The application subjects have their own deadlines. The application subjects, block courses, and internships sometimes have their own deadlines.
  3. Master’s modules that have been re-scheduled for earlier on can be registered in person in the ZPA at the beginning of December.

Examination Registration

Registration is required for each module examination. The mathematics classes, this registration takes place through a modular registration process in your Campus Office.

The following serves as an example of registration for the module "Mathematische Grundlagen (W)".

  1. Log into your Campus Office.
  2. Select whether you started in the WS or SS (Mathematics (WS/SS)). Here you find, among other things, various partial classes, that belong to the module "Mathematische Grundlagen (W)".
  3. Next, click on the class "Klausur Mathematische Grundlagen (W)". Select "Modulares Anmeldeverfahren".
  4. Then click "Anmelden".

Every semester there is a deadline (the last Friday in May and November respectively), by which you must have completed the registration process. You can also cancel your registration before this deadline.
After the deadline, you are registered at the ZPA (Central Examination Office) for the modul examination. There are two possibilities for cancelling this:

Every student can withdrawal from a module exam – up to a week before the exam. You can cancel directly at the ZPA. You will be automatically registered for the next examination date.

Cancellations due to illness must be documented before the exam with a doctor’s note.

Bachelor Thesis

The Bachelor thesis forms the completion of the course of study and is worth 15 ECTS.

The thesis module is worth the most credit points of all the modules.

The actual allocation of a topic takes place no earlier than after the fourth semester. Please keep in mind that you must have proof of 120 ECTS with the ZPA by then.

The editing time is three months.

The following describes registration for the Bachelor thesis.

  1. You can get the registration form for the Bachelor thesis at the ZPA.
  2. You keep the form.
  3. Go to the future superivising lecturer (evaluator) and have them enter the topic in both English and German. The names of the supervising lecturer and the second evaluator are also entered.
  4. You go your department advisor's office hours and get another signature and stamp. You have three months from this point to write your thesis. The form must then be shown to the ZPA so that the date can be entered.
  5. Your work.
  6. Upon agreement with the superivising lecturer, you turn your thesis into the ZPA (three copies). The submission deadline is noted (grey box, third line). You turn in the form and your thesis to your supervising lecturer.
  7. The presentation to the first and second evaluators takes place before the thesis is graded. This presentation typically takes place after you submit the thesis. The presentation grade is included in the thesis grade.
  8. The first and second evaluators provide the ZPA with the form with the evaluations.

There is no required format for the cover page of your thesis. Here you can find an example.

Please do not forget to include a page in your thesis, where you state "hiermit versichern, die Arbeit selbstständig verfasst zu haben, und keine anderen als die angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel benutzt zu haben".



Alfred Wagner

Departmental Advisor for the Bachelor, Master, and Diplom Courses of Study in Mathematics