General Information


Enrollment for a teacher training Master in mathematics at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen and in mathematics at vocational schools will be possible starting winter semester 2014/15. The curriculum for both of these courses of study are identical at RWTH Aachen.

There are two versions, a curriculum if studies are begun in the winter semester, which is recommended, and a curriculum if studies are begun in the summer semester, in which case we recommend talking with departmental advising. These varieties primarily only affect the order of the courses and particular the point during studies when the practical semester takes place.

The curriculum of this four-semester program includes a subject didactic - education preparation semester (winter semester) and a practical semester (summer semester). If students begin studies in the winter semester, then these are the first two semesters of Master's studies. There are also two technical courses: The required course "Applied Statistics" (offered every winter semester) and an elective course. Here, in alphabetical order, are the possible courses: Computer Algebra, Complex Analysis I, Ordinary Differential Equations, Optimization A, and Optimization B. If you begin studies in the summer semester, you will typically complete these technical courses first, in order prepare for the practical semester during the following winter semester.

The recommended scheduled can be varied, but since the Master's program is built around the practical semester and its preparation, so to speak, all possible alternative must be compatible with the resulting defaults. Before changing the order, it is best to talk with departmental advising. You can find details about the modules in the module handbook, which can be found as an addendum to the subject-specific examination regulation, or in the module descriptions in the CAMPUS-System. An additional addendum to the examination regulation is the schedule for beginning studies in either the winter or summer semester. The examination regulation can be downloaded from this page.

The Master's thesis is written during studies. If you want to write your final paper in mathematics, you must have acquired a total of 58 credits for both subjects and for education, according to the framework examination regulation, before you can be given a topic. This typically means that you can begin to think about your thesis after the second core semester.

Teacher training studies at RWTH Aachen have a strong technical component, thus differentiating itself from other universities.

Combination Subjects

Principally, numerous combinations with other subjects are accepted. However, we cannot guarantee that courses and the like will not overlap for all combinations. A subject combination with computer science, physics, chemistry, and (only for vocational school) economics, is recommended. We ensure that there are no overlaps for these combinations and that they correspond to the course of study profile.


Please read about the respective admission process on the Registrar's Office webpages. The Registrar's Office will notify graduates of the RWTH Bachelor course of study of the deadlines via email.


Departmental Advising

If you have questions, please contact the departmental advisor for the Master teacher training program in mathematics.


Prof. Gohar Flad-Harutyunyan

Departmental Advisor for the Mathematics Teacher Training Program (Bachelor, Master)