Monday, July 16 2018, 1:00pm

Viscosity and conductivity formulas for dilute suspensions

Speaker: Richard Schubert (Bonn)

Abstract: Einstein's formula for the effective viscosity of dilute suspensions describes how rigid particles immersed in a Stokes fluid increase its macroscopic viscosity. However, up to now, a rigorous justification has only been obtained for dissipation functionals of the flow field. In this talk, I will discuss ideas for the investigation of many-particle Stokes systems, e.g. the so-called method of reflections and dipole approximations. I will present a rigorous result for the number of particles tending to infinity. Namely, in the limit, the suspension behaves like a fluid with increased viscosity that satisfies Einstein's formula. I will also show how the discussed methods lead to a similar result regarding Maxwell's formula for the conductivity of suspensions. 

Ort: Raum 001, Pontdriesch 14-16, 52062 Aachen