Statistisches Kolloquium am 04.06.2013 (vormittags)

Dienstag, 04.06.2013, 10.00 Uhr

Ethics and Optimality in Clinical Trials

Theodore von Kármán Fellow
Prof. William F. Rosenberger (George Mason University, USA)

Clinical  trials  are  the  gold  standard  for  the  comparison  of  two  treatments,  but  the  ethical
dilemma  arises  when  using  randomization  to  assign  treatments  to  human  subjects.    Ran-
domization prevents bias and provides a basis for inference, but many patients in the clinical
trial may receive an inferior treatment due to chance.  We present a template for developing
randomization  procedures  that  target  an  optimal  allocation  ratio  in  a  bivariate  objective
problem.    For  example, we  can  find  the allocation that  minimizes the  expected  number  of
treatment  failures  for  a  fixed  power  to  detect  the  treatment  effect.    A  response-adaptive
randomization procedure is used to converge to the optimal allocation.

Zeit: 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr

Ort: Hörsaal Phil (ehem. Couvengymnasium) der RWTH, Kármánstraße 17-19, 52062 Aachen