Graduate Seminar

Tuesday, 18.12.2012 11:00 am

On the passage from atomistic to continuum systems in elasticity and fracture mechanics

Prof. Dr. Bernd Schmidt, Augsburg

We  study  atomistic  systems  and  their  effective  continuum  counterpart  in  two different  regimes:  1.  Elastic  deformations  with  given  boundary  data.  Here  our  main  aim  is  to relate  discrete  solutions  of  the  Euler-Lagrange  equations  to  solutions  of  the  continuum equations  of  nonlinear  elasticity.  2.  crystals  under  uniaxial  strain  that  may  fracture.  In  this regime we will derive general cleavage laws from the atomistic interaction potentials.

Time: 11:00 am

Location: Raum SG 11, Seminargebäude, Wüllnerstraße 5 b, 52062 Aachen