Dienstag, 19.03.2013, 14.00 Uhr

On the Support of Minimizers of Causal Variational Principles

Dr. Daniela Schiefenreder (Universität Regensburg)

We consider a class of causal variational principles where an action is
minimized  for  a  Borel  measure  on  a  compact  manifold.  It  can  be
shown  that  under  general  assumptions  the  support  of  a  minimizing
measure  is  either  completely  timelike,  or  it  is  singular  in  the  sense
that  its  interior  is  empty.  We  consider  numerical  and  analytical
studies  on  examples  on  the  sphere  which  show  that  a  phase
transition  between  completely  timelike  minimizers  and  singular
measures occurs. Moreover, we get a connection to packing problems
and the Tammes distribution.
This is joint work with F. Finster.

Zeit: 14:00 Uhr

Ort: Seminarraum 114, Hauptgebäude RWTH Aachen (1.Etage), Templergraben 55, 52056 Aachen

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