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Where can math be found? What is math good for? How can math be used to understand actual processes?

In our presentation service for schools, lecturers from the Department of Mathematics, illustrate how math can be implemented to explain actual phenomena and solutions to problems. For the most part, presentations are tailored to students' knowledge of math. However material may extend beyond that at some parts. Please take note of the mentioned requirements in the brief outline of the presentation.


We will visit you at your school! Presentations can take place during regular math classes, but can also be done for whole cohorts or for special school events.
If you have more detailed questions or would like to set up a date, please contact the lecturer who is responsible for the presentation topic you would like to have at your event. Please contact the individual listed under "Contact" if you have general questions about the presentations offered.

Titel Vortragender
Das Ziegenproblem – Ist Vorinformation bei Glücksspielen nützlich ? Prof. Erhard Cramer
Mathematik - die virtuelle Erschließung der Realität Dr. Sven Groß
Simpsons Paradoxon, oder warum man mit Statistik nicht lügen muss ! Prof. Erhard Cramer
Spiralen – ein Kapitel phänomenaler Mathematik Prof. Johanna Heitzer
Vom Lotfällen bis zum JPEG-Format Prof. Johanna Heitzer