Tetragonal fcc-Fe induced by κ-carbide precipitates: Atomic scale insights from correlative electron microscopy, atom probe tomography, and density functional theory

Liebscher, Christian H.; Yao, Mengji; Dey, Poulumi; Lipinska-Chwalek, Marta; Berkels, Benjamin; Gault, Baptiste; Hickel, Tilmann; Herbig, Michael; Mayer, Joachim; Neugebauer, Jörg; Raabe, Dierk; Dehm, Gerhard; Scheu, Christina

College Park, MD : American Physical Society (2018)
Journal Article

In: Physical review materials
Volume: 2
Issue: 2
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 023804


  • Central Facility for Electron Microscopy [025000]
  • Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science [080003]
  • Department of Mathematics [110000]
  • Junior Professorship of Mathematical Image and Signal Processing [112430]