Student Council I/1


What does the student council do?

We, as the student council, are the representative for all students in math, physics, and computer science. This means: we represent your interests and offer various services to you.

We will gladly answer any questions you have about studies during our office hours. Additionally, you can print out old exams and minutes from oral exams.

Furthermore we represent and express your interests to the university and are in contact with professors. We are represented in various committees, in which we, for example, have a say in exam regulations and what tuition fees are used for.

We accompany first-year students in the initial days of their studies and make sure that everyone has a good start.

We also organize various events – our annual summer fest and Christmas party, called Printenfest, and regular game evenings and panel discussions.

Committee Work

We represent you in various committees. Within the committees, we actively shape studies at our university with our professors.

For example, in the examination boards, we are working on making sure exam regulations are created with students' concerns in mind and that your rights are protected.

We are involved in further basic decisions in disciplinary commissions (Fachkomissionen). For example, we make sure that quality improvement activities are sensibly implemented.

In appointment committees, we have the oppportunity to help determine what professors are appointed by our university.

We are involved in these committees and many others, in which important decisions are made. If you have a question or problem: Talk to us!

Work Groups

Our first-year students work (ErstsemesterInnenarbeit) accompanies you in the initial days of your studies, provides you will all the necessary information, and has fun with you in the tutorials, the city rallies (Stadtrallye) and at the first-year student weekend (Ersti-Wochenende). The Geier is the regularly published flyer for the representative council – with important imformation, amusing highlights, and more.

The Video-AG records lectures and events and makes the recording available to be downloaded.

If you are particularly interested in one of these topics, just drop by. You can always find the date of our next meeting on our website

Interested in learning more?

Just come to one of our meetings, every Monday at 7pm, Kármánstraße 7, 3rd floor. Drop by our office hours, or send us an email: