Examination and other Regulations



Alfred Wagner

Academic Advisor for Mathematics


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Examination Regulation

Here you can find the current examination reguation:

Neue Prüfungsordnung Mathematik (vom 06.12.2023) (pdf)

Prüfungsordnung Mathematik (vom 13.06.2016) (pdf)
1. Änderungsordnung vom 27.04.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 13.06.2016 (pdf)
2. Änderungsordnung vom 19.07.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 13.06.2016 (pdf)
3. Änderungsordnung vom 03.08.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 13.06.2016 (pdf)
4. Änderungsordnung vom 13.11.2017 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 13.06.2016 (pdf)
5. Änderungsordnung vom 03.04.2018 zur Prüfungsordnung Mathematik vom 13.06.2016 (pdf)

Module Manual

Here you can find the module manual:

Modulhandbuch Mathematik (Master, Fassung vom 04.02.2022) (pdf)

Registration of Master's Thesis

When you register your Master's thesis in the ZPA, you will receive a form in which you enter the modules of your concentration.

The future advisor of your Master's thesis signs under the list, thus indicating to the ZPA that the allocation of modules to the concentration section is correct.

The ZPA transfers the concentration modules in its own list and cancels the ones you have completed from your list.

Please make sure that enough modules are present for the applied and pure mathematics sections. We recommend planning out your course of study early in advance.

Changing Application Subjects

If you wish to take another concentration in the Master course of study, that differs from the one you had in the Bachelor course of study, you must do the following:

  1. Submit an application to change your application subject to the examination board (an email to the department advisor with "I hereby request..." or "Hiermit beantrage ich.." is sufficient.
  2. You provide proof of modules you have already completed from the new application subject.
  3. The departmental advisor then creates a schedule based on this. He or she takes into consideration, that some modules in the next application subject require you to make up modules from the Bachelor course of study.
  4. You submit the the letter to the ZPA and the change is implemented.

If you are interested in switching, you should contact the departmental advisor immediately after enrolling in the Master course of study.

Cancellation Regulations

In the case that all module examinations of the Master's program in Mathematics have been completed within the standard period of study, a weighted module grade of no more than 9 CP may be deleted in accordance with § 10 (13) ÜPO.