DFG Research Training Group 'Algorithmic synthesis of reactive and discrete-continuous systems (AlgoSyn)'

  • DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 'Algorithmische Synthese reaktiver und diskret-kontinuierlicher Systeme (AlgoSyn)'

Thomas, Wolfgang; Bollue, Kai; Gückel, Dominique; Quirós, Gustavo; Slaats, Michaela; Ummels, Michael

München : Oldenbourg (2009)
Journal Article

In: Information technology : it
Volume: 51
Issue: 4
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 222-230


  • Mathematical Fundamentals of Computer Science (Logic and Complexity) Teaching and Research Area [117220]
  • Chair of Computer Science 11 (Embedded Software) [122810]
  • Chair of Information and Automation Systems for Process and Material Technology [526610]
  • Chair and Institute of Automatic Control [416610]
  • Department of Computer Science [120000]
  • Department of Mathematics [110000]
  • Division of Materials Science and Engineering [520000]