Dienstag, 27.11.2012 15:00 Uhr

Well-posedness and lubrication approximation of the Darcy flow in the presence of a contact line

Dr. Hans Knüpfer, Universität Bonn

The propagation of a liquid drop on a plate is characterized by the evolution of the three-phase contact line where air, liquid and solid meet. The region occupied by the liquid is  is  described  by  a  time-dependent  domain  with  non-smooth  boundary.  We  address  well-posedness  and  regularity  for  models  for  the  evolution  of  viscous fluids.  We  focus  on  certain models  for  fluid  propagation  of  viscous  liquids  (Darcy  flow,  thin-film  equation).  Since  the considered problems do not satisfy a maximum principle, the analysis is based on the dissipative
structure of the models.

Zeit: 15:00 Uhr

Ort: Raum SG 11, Seminargebäude, Wüllnerstraße 5 b, 52062 Aachen