Mathematisches Kolloquium

Freitag, 30.10.2020, 14:30 Uhr

Postquantum Kryptographie

Prof. Dr. Joachim Rosenthal (Professor of Applied Mathematics, Universitaet Zuerich)

With the realization that a quantum computer would make many practically used public key cryptographic systems obsolete it became an important research topic to design public key systems which are expected to be secure even if a powerful quantum computer would exist. For this  reason the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is currently running a competition whose goal will be new quantum computer safe standards. In the talk we first review the techniques in use to do public key cryptography. In a second part we will describe the major possible candidates for post-quantum cryptography. In a third part we will concentrate on so called code based systems. These systems were introduced in 1978 by Robert McEliece and they are based on the hardness of decoding a general linear code of up to half the minimum distance.  Nowadays the class of code based systems belong to the most promising candidates for a new standard.

Die Vorträge finden aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie in diesem Semester über Zoom statt.

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